Medicine: These are not just typical plant based meals, these are food medicine meals.

Experience: Each meal is carefully formulated by a doctor.

Personalized: Individualized to your needs, preferences, and dis-ease profile (no two people get the same meal).

Unique: Doctor/Chefs are the people cooking your food or preparing your meal plans so you are getting the robust knowledge base of a doctor with the palate satisfying skills of a chef.

Nutrient preservation: Our meal plans and delivery focus on combining as well as cooking the specific foods to protect the therapeutic ingredients and maximizing absorption.

Deliver ingredients: Organic, Plant Based, Non-GMO, Gluten free, Dairy-free, No added sugar. Like nature intended!  

Toxins: Never delivered in plastic, never cooked in non-stick or cast iron pans: we avoid exposing our clients to hormone disrupting toxins and unnecessary leaching of metals into food.

Education: We value educating our clients on how to advocate for their own health and empower them with the ability to get better.