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Dr. GonzALEZ


Dr. G practices both naturopathic and functional medicine. He has been a major advocate in increasing the awareness of the power of food medicine. Through his medical experience he has healed many people through teaching them how to understand what their body needs in order to heal. He explains that every food choice we make can contribute to health or dis-ease and thus a proper, personalized diet can reset our compass to vitality and balance.


Dr. Vivian

Medical Doctor (UK), Health Coach

Vivian is a former UK medical doctor turned health coach. She lives in Northern California with her family, and uses lifestyle measures like food to coach clients back to health. In the UK, she trained in internal medicine, dermatology and then became a family physician. During her 14 years of medical practice, she encountered a lot of chronic illnesses and felt frustrated that she wasn’t getting to the root cause of these illnesses. She also nursed herself and her husband back to health with food rather than medicines. So when she moved to California, she decided to give up her prescription pad for meal plans, and using other lifestyle measures to provide true healthcare rather than ‘sick care’. 


Kimberly kUSHNER


Kimberly is a very nurturing and passionate naturopath who places patient care and wellbeing as her utmost priority.  She is also an avid foodie who is extremely enthusiastic about healthy eating, and utilizing food as medicine to aid in achieving health goals.

Her goal in food medicine is to facilitate the process of empowering her patients to achieve and maintain vibrant health. 

Her experience within the field of health is exceedingly varied and thorough, as she has immersed herself in diverse health ventures in Australia and Southeast Asia. In addition to her clinical accolades, Kimberly’s experience includes regular writing and contributions to the MINDD foundation, working with health retreats in  Bali, Indonesia, co-founding a range of botanical skincare, creating healthy menus for various clients, and providing holistic health services to the corporate sector.